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Patricia Serrao, C.N., B.A. is a nutrition and health consultant with more than 15 years of experience in assisting clients who are interested in improving their health through better nutrition and healthy changes in their lifestyle. Patti serves Syracuse, NY and surrounding areas.

Health Philosophy

Patti works with clients through individualized, one-on-one sessions to offer a sound nutrition and health guidelines. Her recommendations are often sought by clients seeking to include complementary approaches in conjunction with their current medical health care.

Patti's methods may include recommendations that allow a client to include body balancing with brain exercising (such as simple moves and poses), or to include food grade or non-toxic substances in a diet that is geared toward improving their health.

For example, a client that wants to integrate balancing excess emotional issues which might be causing mental and physical exhaustion may benefit from simple remedies such as adding a supplement of Olive to their diet.

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