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Initially, your first consultation will cost $150.00; this includes an hour and a half session, plus a phone consultation follow up about 2-3 weeks later.


Each follow-up session costs $75 which includes an hour session, your results rechecked and a new evaluation along with seasonal training information and another results checkup approximately 6-12 weeks later. Complex health training, suggestions and training for life-long support are suggested throughout your first year, once a season

Phone appointments for Out of Town or Long Distance Clients are also offered; they cost $100.00 for an Initial consultation which includes a phone follow-up 2-3 weeks later.


Follow-up phone sessions which include a new evaluation, seasonal training information, results checking approximately 6-12 weeks later, complex health training, suggestions and training for life long support run $65.00 and are suggested for the first year, once a season.


Referral discounts are available. Every 5 new clients brought my way, gets you a free session!


Any scheduled phone appointments should be prepaid via personal check or money order. Credit cards are not accepted at this time. Follow-up appointments are best scheduled 4-6 weeks later and made at the time of your present appointment. Otherwise, please allow a minimum of two weeks when scheduling your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

A 48-hour notice is needed to cancel an appointment. A $20 fee will be applied with the exception of an emergency.

Phone Consultations

Please plan on the time span needed and call in for your phone appointment at the time you are scheduled. If your call is answered by a message service, please leave your name and telephone number. I may be tied up a few minutes longer than expected, however I will be right with you as quickly as possible. If you will be at work during the time of your appointment, let me know and I will call you and bill you if the charges are long distance.

When you receive your packet in the mail , fill out the questionnaire the best that you possibly can. If you are arranging a phone consultation, please enclose a photo that shows your face, and remit your check in the amount of the consultation (see fee schedule above for appointment costs).

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